macOS setup

ssh connection to VM

You can open your terminal and ssh-login to the Quantum Mobile VM by

% ssh -p 2222 -l max

where the password is moritz. The IP address can be modified at Settings->Newtork->Port Forwarding


X forwarding

X forwarding via ssh is useful to open graphical tools in Quantum Mobule to display it on your computer. For this you need to install XQuartz. This is downloaded at

X forwarding is activated with -X or --Y option of ssh:

% ssh -p 2222 -l max -X

ssh login using public and private keys

Setting up a pair of public and private ssh keys, you can login to Quantum Mobile without a passphrase. This pair of keys are generated by ssh-keygen that is included in macOS. More information is found at

Save ssh long setting to .ssh/config

All above settings are integrated into a .ssh/config like:

Host aiidatutorial
   Port 2222
   User max
   IdentityFile ~/.ssh/aiida_tutorial
   ForwardX11 yes
   ForwardX11Trusted yes
   LocalForward 8888 localhost:8888
   LocalForward 5000 localhost:5000
   ServerAliveInterval 120

Then you can login by

% ssh aiidatutorial

Here aiidatutorial is the nickname and can be modified even shorter name.