Download and install

From source code

System requirement

The procedure to setup phonopy is explained in this section. It is supposed that phonopy is installed on the recent linux distribution like Ubuntu or Fedora with Python version 2.6 or later. Python version 3.4 or later is expected to work. Mac OS X users may find some more information at Using phonopy on Mac OS X. The most recommended system is Ubuntu linux version 14.04 or later. If you have any installation problem that you may feel difficult to solve, please use a ubuntu virtual machine (see Set up Ubuntu linux on VirtualBox).

Prepare the following Python libraries:

  • Python and its header files
  • numpy
  • matplotlib
  • python-yaml (pyyaml)
  • python-h5py (h5py)

In Ubuntu linux, they are installed by:

% sudo apt-get install python-dev python-numpy \
  python-matplotlib python-yaml python-h5py

python-scipy is also required to use phonopy-qha or DEBYE_MODEL tag. The python libraries are also possible to be installed using pip or conda.

The texlive-fonts-recommended package may be required, if you see the following message in ploting results:

! I can't find file `pncr7t'.

Building using

If package installation is not possible or you want to compile with special compiler or special options, phonopy is built using In this case, manual modification of may be needed.

  1. Download the source code at

    and extract it:

    % tar xvfz phonopy-1.11.2.tar.gz
  2. Set up C-libraries for python C-API and python codes. This can be done as follows:

    Run script:

    % python install --home=<my-directory>

    where <my-directory> may be your current directory, .. Another choice may be to use the user scheme (see the python document):

    % python install --user

    The executable command phonopy is located in the bin directory.

  3. Put lib/python path into $PYTHONPATH, e.g., in your .bashrc, .zshenv, etc. If it is installed under your current directory, the path to be added to $PYTHONPATH is such as below:

    export PYTHONPATH=~/phonopy-1.11.2/lib/python


Conda is a good choice for Linux (64bit) users to install phonopy:

% conda install conda install numpy scipy h5py pyyaml matplotlib
% conda install -c atztogo phonopy

Currently conda packages for the other OS, e.g., Mac and windows, are not prepared by the main developers of phonopy.


Phonopy is installed using pip by:

% pip install phonopy

If you see the error message like below in the installation process:

_phonopy.c:35:20: fatal error: Python.h: No such file or directory

development tools for building python module are additionally necessary and are installed using OS’s package management system, e.g.,:

sudo apt-get install python-dev