Phonopy calculates group velocity of phonon as follows:

\mathbf{v}_\mathrm{g}(\mathbf{q}\nu) = & \nabla_\mathbf{q} \omega(\mathbf{q}\nu) \\
=&\frac{\partial\omega(\mathbf{q}\nu)}{\partial \mathbf{q}} \\
\mathbf{q}} \\
\frac{\partial D(\mathbf{q})} {\partial

where the meanings of the variables are found at Formulations.

Finite difference method

In the previous versions, group velocity was calculated using finite difference method:

\mathbf{v}_\mathrm{g}(\mathbf{q}\nu) =
\frac{\partial D(\mathbf{q})} {\partial
\simeq \frac{1}{2\omega(\mathbf{q}\nu)}
\frac{\Delta D(\mathbf{q})}
{\Delta \mathbf{q}}\biggl|\mathbf{e}(\mathbf{q}\nu)\right>.

Group velocity calculation with the finite difference method is still able to be activated using GV_DELTA_Q tag or -gv_delta_q option. \Delta\mathbf{q} = (\Delta q_x, \Delta q_y, \Delta
q_z) is described in Cartesian coordinated in reciprocal space. In the implementation, central difference is employed, and +\Delta
q_\alpha and -\Delta q_\alpha are taken to calculate group velocity, where \alpha is the Cartesian index in reciprocal space. \Delta q_\alpha is specified in the unit of reciprocal space distance (\mathrm{\AA}^{-1} for the default case) by --gv_delta_q option or GV_DELTA_Q tag.