Using phonopy on Mac OS X

Installation using MacPorts

This is one way to install phonopy on Mac OS X. This procedure was tested on Sierra with MacPorts version 2.4.1. In the following case, gcc-7 is used as the default C-compiler.

  1. Install MacPorts. Download MacPorts from and follow the installation instruction.

  2. Install gcc by

    % sudo port install gcc7
    % sudo port select --set gcc mp-gcc7
  3. Install necessary python libraries by conda:

    % conda install numpy scipy h5py pyyaml matplotlib
  4. Install phonopy following Building using

    Before running, the environment variable of CC=gcc is set so that gcc can be used as the C-compiler instead of clang for compiling phonopy C-extension as follows:

    % export CC=gcc
    % python install --user